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What will you do with 10 million US dollars?

What will you do with 10 million US dollars?

Ever so often many people say they want to be rich and have millions of dollars. However, what they fail to say is how will they keep and multiply this money.

Some of the things I often hear is am going to buy a bigger and nicer house, I will travel, I would buy cars & luxury vehicles, and just enjoy and live life to the fullest which there is nothing wrong with that. However where is the mention of saving and investing so that this 10 million can be double, triple and quadruple????

If one does not have good sound basic money principles and finance management then it really does not matter how much more money you get.

So today I want to challenge you to think about what will you do if you were given 10 million dollars. This is step 4 or a 5 part series to stacking your coins using your gift. If you would like to receive the entire series click here

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