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Who else loves shoes?

Who else loves shoes?


Hey fashion Friday fashionistas. Do you have a full closet & don’t like repeating? Then it’s time to swap it out for another. Be glam, be green, be paid & stack them coins.

The holidays are coming up and before you go spending unnecessary money and put yourself in more debt, swapping is a great way to repurpose brand new items as gift or get more items for zero cost. Oprah has taught us and made repurposing gifts not only stylish but trendy and will save you money especially if you have a big family or circle of friends that need gifts.

It’s simple. All you need to do is go through your closet and items that you no longer want, either brand new or gently gently gently used then you can swap or resell and stack your coins. Simply upload pix of your items on iluv2swap.com & let the swapping begin

See you around and off course be sure to share and tag us your fab pieces that you’ve Swapped because that means you are wining and stacking your coins!!!
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