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How To Become A Money Maven In 10 Steps


Here are my top free 10 money maven moves and click link below to watch video: 

1- Proper Protection in the form of Life Insurance. Insurance is for protection in the event something happens to you prematurely.  But more importantly, this is also the first step in building a solid financial foundation. There are many misconceptions when it comes to life insurance. Unfortunately many people see life insurance as debt insurance and it only benefits you when you die and the face value amounts gets paid out to your beneficiary. Similar to cell phones, Life Insurance has evolved over the years.  If you have life insurance of any kind and do not know what you have or fully understand how to maximize this wealth building vehicle tool, then I highly recommend you connect with me. 

2- The goal is to be debt free and have Zero debt by managing your Debt. I will be the first to say if you have debt especially bad debt such as credit cards, auto loans, you are a slave to the lender and it will be harder for you to achieve financial freedom.

3- Create Financial goals both short and long term. In life many people have plans and goals especially during the beginning of the year but how many of us take the time to sit with a financial advisor and map out goals. Most people only do this when they are applying for student loans or loans or probably making big purchases. 

4- Set up emergency account. Ideally 6-12 months cushion. The easiest way to accomplished this is to save 10-20% automatic by paying yourself first. The goal is to make the process seamless and and automatic.

5- Invest (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF). Having your money in the bank will not grow your money or build wealth. We have got to invest and thanks to technology it is easy for anyone to get into investing without having a investment background or knowing investing 101. One of my favorite robot app to help you invest is http://bit.ly/acorns-freemoney check it out and just for downloading app you get your first $5 to start investing.

6- Have multiple streams of income. No one should ever be dependent on one source of income for the simple fact that jobs aren’t loyal and at any given notice we can loose our job through no fault of ours.  To cut costs many companies are moving jobs overseas. Automation and technology also means more job losses so to avoid this we need to have multiple streams of income and also create opportunities to have passive income.

7- Own assets (business, real estate, stocks). Owning is always better than renting and we have got to get into the mindset of owning assets.

8- Shop smart (click below to get my top free money apps). For many of us especially ladies, we spend so much time shopping. I fortunately don’t spend a ton of money on shopping but when I do, one of my fav free shopping app to help me save more money when shopping and give cash back is http://bit.ly/cashbackdosh And get this, just for downloading and using this free app you get $10. #stackyourcoins

9- Pay attention to tax & inflation. Inflation and taxes are two most deadliest items to watch out for when it comes to your finance. 

10- Create your living will, trust, estate. Most people think estate planning and having legal documents, such as will etc are for the wealthy. But infact this is not necessarily true. Having these legal documents in place for items or assets you own such as a home, real estate, business, car, bank accounts, family heirlooms etc carries out your wishes while alive or dead. 



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