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Teach What You Know & Stack Your Coins

Teach What You Know & Stack Your Coins


Tonight we had an amazing crew chatting about monetizing their writing skills. This is part 3 of my “Get Paid For Your Skills” series.

Watch the video & start thinking of how many coins you are potentially dropping by not monetizing your skills.

The count down is on as we get ready to launch the registration process to sign up for the bootcamp waitlist. I will only be working with a small exclusive group of action takers. So do take advantage of the pre-sale early bird discount and learn my monetization techniques that I teach at college and university level.

Click here to get on waitlist Once waitlist registrants are signed up, if we still have space only then we will open it up to the public and at that time the price will be much higher.

Plain and simple, this 3 wks online bootcamp is where I will teach you how to monetize your skills so you are not dependent on ONE income. If you are not sure what is your skill or have any questions about the bootcamp then book your free discovery call here




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