My Personal Finance tool kit – price$59.99

Education is the most powerful weaponwhich you can use to change the world.

Using this tool kit and check list is a sure way to help you understand & manage your finances well. It is also loaded with my recommendations and action items. In addition, applying these simple principle to your money can help you quickly test your financial well-being and provide a clear picture of areas in which you can improve.[read more=”View More Info” less=”Read less”] Use this checklist on a periodic basis to make sure you are not neglecting any one area of your financial picture.

You will be able to:

  1. Set up your Emergency fund so you are totally prepared and not stressed out when life throws a curb ball at you
  2. Know and understand your Credit score and ways to tackle your Debt so you can enjoy the piece of mind of being debt free
  3. Investing / Savings vehicles options to help you not only save more but plan for the future of you and your loved ones
  4. Manage your Expenses so you have more money to do other things you love
  5. Income potential this way you are not totally dependent on one source but rather create multiple streams of income
  6. Put your finance on auto pilot & you will be able to save/invest more money without even thinking about it
  7. Bonus – Free 15 minutes consultation with Odetta King


Get Paid For Your Skills $497.95

Discover ways that you can make money using your existing God given skills even if you have a 9-5 job so that you can create additional streams of income.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: [read more=”View More Info” less=”Read less”]

1) You spent COUNTLESS hours and / or money trying to figure out how to monetize your skills

2) You have a desire to make more money using your skills but don’t know how to or have no clue where to begin

3) You consider yourself coachable and action result oriented

4) You have an existing website online presence and / or social media platform

5) YOU need to create multiple streams of income and a desire to have a side hustle


This 4 weeks online bootcamp course series program is going to be interactive with actionable quantifiable tasks email / video series, a weekly group coaching Q&A conference call with recordings for playback, and access to my private online mastermind Facebook group for additional free daily resources, support, answers, encouragement & accountability. The first 10 students to register, upon completion of this bootcamp as a bonus you will receive an additional 30 minutes customized 1:1 strategy session for your specific business or skill.



1) YOU will have identified your skills & created a target audience who needs your services and vehicles to promote it to

2) YOU will have set up income streams on your website which will help you catch coins (you must have an existing website)

3) YOU will now have more than one income stream

4) YOU will have a system in place to monetize your skills and automate your finance which can be duplicated and scaled up.

5) YOU will have a lifetime blueprint and proven formula to monetize any and every skills


Pre – registration fee $497.95 in weekly installment. Normal price $597.99


“Stack Your Savings” guide $39.99

51% of all Americans are not even saving 5% of their income. Are you part of this alarming statistic? Are you struggling to save money? Can you deal with a $500 or $1,000 pop up emergency? Do you have a 12-18 months emergency savings? What about retirement savings?[read more=”View More Info” less=”Read less”]
Do you want to save more money but don’t know how to because you feel as though you just don’t have any extra money?  If any of these apply to you, you are not alone. I hear this all the time and this is why I’ve decided to help you. Everyone who has applied my saving techniques and 5 free tools are seeing wins everyday and so will YOU.

With this guide you will be able to:

-Save more and regularly

-Every time you spend money, you will save money

-Every time you spend money you will invest money

-Set up & fund your emergency, vacation, retirement saving goals effortlessly on autopilot

-Free up more money to save & invest

-BONUS,  Audio of my best practices & proven tactics as well as a 15 minutes consultation session with Odetta King.

The Best part I’ve also included my 2 favorite bonus free tools to help you invest so you can stack even more coins if you’re already a pro saver. Now, you have absolutely no excuse to stack more coins. Let the savings begin!

This “$tack your Savings” guide is for a low fee of  $39.99 and will greatly help you save more, consistently and make you money. Get yours now and start stacking your coins today!


“Save $500 in 30 days” training guide $69.99

Save $500 or more in 30 days with this training guide. This training guide is loaded with free financial tools, strategies and tactics that makes it almost impossible for you not to save more. In this training video you will receive:[read more=”View More Info” less=”Read less”]

  1. Learn how to simplify your finances and put them on autopilot so you have no choice but to SAVE
  2. There are more than 7 free financial tools to help you not only save more but also invest.
  3. Every time you spend money, you will be saving and investing money
  4. There are multiple ideas of ways you can cut your cost so you can save more
  5. You will gain insights to monetize your skills so can earn more money
  6. You will be able to optimize your bills so you can save more
  7. Training includes 6 videos

Bonusincludes a Free 15 minutes consultation with Odetta King

This “Save $500 or more in 30 days training guide” is for a low introductory fee of $69.99. The financial tools and principles can be applied to any amount and will help you save more & make more money. Get yours now and start stacking your coins today!

$500 in 30 Days Training Video


How to get into the hotel industry with no experience. Online class $97.99

This live online hotel class includes:[read more=”View More Info” less=”Read less”]

  1. Overview of the hotel/resort lodging industry
  2. Career paths and salary range
  3. Job requirement and skills set
  4. Review of job search banks and interview techniques to land a hotel job
  5. Live Q & A
  6. Bonus – review of your resume, receive job referral and/or letter of recommendation from Odetta King to qualified potential candidates


Travel Like A Boss On A Budget guide $9.99


Have you ever wanted to travel but feel like you just can’t afford that trip to Europe, Caribbean, USA, Canada or where ever you’ve been dreaming? Well now you are one step closer with my insider tips, tricks, and tools.[read more=”View More Info” less=”Read less”]
Travel Like A Boss On A Budget guide includes:

  1. How to get free, discounted or upgraded air tickets
  2. How to get free, discounted or upgraded accommodations
  3. How to get free and or save money on tourist attractions, car rental, entertainment, meals
  4. Best travel websites and times to search
  5. Save hundreds of dollars on travel, have an amazing trip with lifetime  memorable fun experiences and not worry about the vacation bills upon return
  6. Bonus – free 15 minutes consultation with Odetta King



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