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How I Saved Thousands Of $$$ On Fashion

How I Saved Thousands Of $$$ On Fashion

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Are you one of those people that spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars on fashion items such as clothing, shoes, accessories for men, women, kids and even on your home decor items?


I firmly believe that fashion should not and does not have to cost a lot of money especially since some pieces are simply temporary for a season or a fad. Unfortunately, it took me a few years to realize this. Thus, I like many others have spent thousands of dollars buying the latest and greatest that was in style at the moment.


In hindsight,  I wished I had saved or invested all that money. Hence another reason why now I mainly swap and rarely go shopping or spend money on clothing. There are so many other much more valuable things and experiences I can be enjoying and putting my money to use towards such as traveling, investing etc. Well you get the point…..


If you are like me and loves fashion but also wants to spend your coins wisely so you can stack them, then check out I Luv 2 Swap Inc. which is a site that allows you to swap and you can even get deals on pieces or items for free that others are willing to part.


All transactions are done online from the convenience from your home by surfing the internet anytime of the day or night. The best part is the huge array and variety of items to choose from since this is an online platform with worldwide reach. So essentially you will be shopping without spending money. Swapping is the new shopping. A great avenue to save save save, contribute towards slowing down fast fashion and preserve a green eco friendly environment.


You will not only be getting a whole new wardrobe but you will be saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars. To sign up and get free membership this week only click here http://iluv2swap.com/



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