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How To Save Money This Fall On Clothing?

How To Save Money This Fall On Clothing?


Who’s ready for the Fall? I never thought that I would be saying am so over this NYC summer heat. Fall is coming and that means it’s time to bring out those dope blazers & fly boots. What you got to Swap? Before you go crazy shopping and spending money on another black sweater or Fall clothing check out the video

Having a online clothing swap is a great way to refresh your closet, save money and the environment resources.  To swap online, simply create a user profile, upload pix of items you would like to Swap or trade. This can be clothing, shoes, accessories for men, women or kids and especially moms if you have those little ones. We all know they loose gloves, hats and scarfs like crazy:) and you just might get them for free on iluv2swap.com

Cheers and happy swapping!
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