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I thought it would be helpful to share with you some of my fav books after my own off course:) to help you stack your coins. To connect with us 1:1 schedule your free financial consultation


Books to read to help you stack your COINS. Just click on title for links to get directly to the book:

1. What Would the Rockefellers Do?: How the Wealthy Get and Stay That Way, and How You Can Too 

2. Money. Wealth. Life Insurance.: How the Wealthy Use Life Insurance as a Tax-Free Personal Bank to Supercharge Their Savings

3. The Retirement Miracle

4. Tax-Free Retirement

5. The Laser Fund: How to Diversify and Create the Foundation for a Tax-Free Retirement

6. Start with Why: how great leaders inspire everyone to take action

7.  How to win friends and influence people

8. Think and grow rich

9. Max out your life

10. Rich dad poor dad: What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not!

11. Skill with people 

12.  Expect to win

13. Stress-free retirement with guaranteed lifetime income

14. The power of zero

15. I.U.L Asap

16. Top 25 Ways an IUL can Secure Your Financial Future: And Build a Tax-Free Family Bank!

17. Tax free income for life 


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