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How to network effectively & stack your coins

How to network effectively & stack your coins


Live from NYU campus here are 3 tips to help you network more effectively:

  1. Use your full name when introducing yourself to others. On your name tag, write your full name along with several keywords title or tags describing yourself. This will greatly help create a authentic conversation, be used as an ice breaker or opportunity to find common grounds.
  2. When speaking with others refrain from the “me” syndrome. That is talking all about you and only you. Rather focus on the other person. Truly pay attention, show interest and listen to the other person what they are speaking about. Listen for clues, opportunities, commonality to share your your info, experience that will add value to the story thus creating synergy.
  3. When and if in transition with a job or you are currently unemployed, do not say this upfront or magnify it. This can make one seen as needy and desperate just looking for help thus forging a relationship that is truly not authentic and sincere.

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