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How much money you got sitting in your closet instead of in the BANK?

How much money you got sitting in your closet instead of in the BANK?


Let me ask you a question. Would you want to have $30k sitting in your closet or in your bank?

Why shop when you can swap your fashion and stack your coins. If you are a fashionista, you love vintage, thrift or just don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing, shoes, access then it’s time to swap it.  And especially if you have items sitting in your closet for over a year that you have not worn either with tag or gently used.


To sign up for next swap webinar to learn all about swapping online and or attend our next live event click here


If you would like to organize or collaborate with us for the next swap then contact us at http://iluv2swap.com 


Now if you are going to have your money sitting in the bank, it would only be right for me to advice you to make sure it is an account that has perks.


Capitalone360: is one of those accounts. I have multiple savings accounts and this bank right here, will give you  your whole life. It is an online bank with no fees, no minimum balance, one of the highest interest rate 0.75% savings account and you will even get $25 sign up BONUS with this special link. You always want to have a separate out of site online bank account aside from your day to day regular activities checking / savings account. Click here to sign up bit.ly/capitalone360savings-freemoney





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