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How to make the most out of Reading and why Readers are Leaders.

How to make the most out of Reading and why Readers are Leaders.


Join us for the launch of our O & S monthly book club where we will explore topics, theories, principles, fundamentals which challenges us to shift our mindset in order to have a positive impact on our lives.
Each month we will choose a book to read and will have bi-weekly online meeting check ins and discussion.

The 2 books currently up for selection are:
The Richest Man in Babylon
7 Habits of Highly Effective People, for kindle version click here or audible version click here

Organizers are:

Sharmin Prince – Sharmin Prince is an Enpowerment Coach, Mentor, Spearker and Guide, Founder of Sharmin Prince Life Coaching. Sharmin is currently a Ph.D. candidate in General Psychology. Sharmin believes thats she cannot lead where she has not walked. Therefore, leaders provide warning on the journey ahead. To successfully empower someone, one has to complete the journey / the path of empowerment.


Odetta King – Coins Strategist & Swap Queen with I Luv 2 Swap Inc. and brings her expertise in empowering others to stack their coins. She has ZERO debt, graduated from New York University with a Masters degree and has saved over $30k by swapping and not shopping in just one year effortlessy.
Odetta King has over 18yrs experienced working in corporate america for several different hotel brands worldwide managing multi million dollars assets in revenue generation. She brings her experty in strong contract money management negotiations.


She’s also an adjunct professor teaching several different business courses and is the owner of 2 online brands which are both focus on helping others save and earn more.
Her goal is to help others save more money, create and strategize opportunities for you to earn more money, spend less, invest thus creating generational wealth for yourself and loved ones.


The goal is to create and foster a community of powerful women with liked minds who are determine to make their life better, ive to their uttmost full potential will also supporting each other. Feel free to share and invite others




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