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When to use Facebook Business Page vs Profile

If you have a business or is thinking of having one in the future, here’s why you need a Facebook business page


Facebook is a great place to do business and a must have for the simple fact that almost everyone knows about or is on Facebook and can access it. In case you need a little convincing, there are more than 30 million business pages on Facebook and more than 890 million active users every day.


With that being said here are 3 reasons why you absolutely need to set up your business page if you have a business, thinking of having one in the future to promote yourself, brand, service or product:


  1. A Facebook business page is different from your personal profile
  2. Facebook business page provides you reports with detail analytics on how many people like and comment on each post
  3. Facebook business page tells you what time of day is the best to post in order to reach the most people who like your page.
  4. Facebook business page allows you the opportunity to set up targeted advertisement to reach your ideal customers


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