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Do these 4 things to increase your income

Do these 4 things to increase your income


If you are reading or watching this video is most likely because you want to learn ways to increase income and you should because the goal should always be how can I stack more coins.


Here are 4 ways that you can increase your income:

  1. Switch or change job that will have higher pay scale
  2. If you should decide to stay on your current job, then look for ways to move up the ladder by getting more responsibilities or taking on additional hours with the intent or agreement to increase your pay
  3. Start a side hustle. Everyone should have a side hustle. It does not matter how small it is as long as it is an extra source of income. With consistency and you working on it everyday, you will be able to scale up with time and earn more money from your side hustle
  4. Take a look at your current expenses and find ways to cut unnecessary cost. The lower you keep your expenses, the wider the gap will be between your salary and expenses thus you will have more money to do other important things such as investing, saving, growing your business, etc


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