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How to be Debt Free like Me

If you have debt of any kind, please watch, share and comment.


Here are some quick tips to help you manage your debt like a pro and be on your way to being debt free:


  • List all of your debts in order from smallest current balance to largest current balance. Be sure to include outstanding balance, minimum payment due, what you currently pay and the interest rate for each debt
  • Contact each creditor and negotiate a lower interest rate.
  • Figure out how much money extra you can use from your budget to put toward repayment of your debt strategically.
  • Make the minimum payment on all of your debt with the exception of the debt with the lowest balance or highest interest, put extra money there.
  • Automate all of your minimum payments.
  • After the first debt is paid off, apply all of the money you were putting towards your first debt to your second debt.
  • Give your debt plan extra COINS whenever you come into any unexpected money (tax refunds, bonuses, commission, etc.) to the debt.
  • Keep the same system going until you’re debt free. You got this coins stackers



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