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Are you a producer or a consumer?

Are you a producer or a consumer?


If you are a producer then you are a:

  1. Boss
  2. Make or create products and services
  3. You sell products or services
  4. You are always in creating mode
  5. You are generating revenue or always thinking about making money especially during holidays
  6. You are an investor


If you are a consumer, you are:

  1. Spending money
  2. You are pre-conditioned to spend large sums of money especially during holidays especially major holidays such as Black Friday, Christmas etc
  3. You are always in buying mode especially if it is a sale item


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I know regardless of how much we try not to spend, we will have to purchase items. Thus, whenever you do, you want to optimize your spend by ensuring that your money is working beyond the transaction for the  goods / services received.

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