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4th Annual Women Empowerment Fierce, Fabulous & Unstoppable Summit & Awards

Financial literacy is not a dream but rather a priority. This is a topic not often understood or discussed. Our goal and my purpose is to educating families to be financially literate thus they can make better decisions with regards to their money thus becoming  financially independent and free.


Here am talking about different financial principles as well as asking the following 3 most important questions with regards to your retirement:

  1. Do you know how to calculate and how much money you will need in retirement
  2. Do you know how much money you will need monthly to sustain your lifestyle and pay monthly expenses while in retirement
  3. Do you know how much money you need to start saving TODAY towards your retirement

If you do not know the answer then I highly recommend you watch the video but most importantly please get intouch with us by clicking to schedule a free financial consultation and get the help you need to bullet proof your financial house.




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