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4 things I quit doing & saved over $1000

4 things I quit doing & saved over $1000


When I ask people why they don’t they save, I often get the answer that they cannot save because they don’t make enough money, they are already living paycheck to paycheck, they don’t think of saving, they have no time for saving, they don’t make saving a priority, they can’t save and on and on. My response and answer is always the same to them. You simply cannot afford not to save.

As I write this blog, the first week of Sept, between the upcoming holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas which will all have you spending what you already do not have or definitely did not save for, here are 4 things I quit doing & saved easily over $1000 that can help you.


  1. I stopped buying new books and monthly magazine subscription. Saved $150 annually
  2. I stopped buying bottle water and used tap pipe faucet water. Saved over $500 annually
  3. I stopped buying brand specific items such as drugs, grocery etc and bought generic or store brands and easily saved another $500
  4. Ladies, you don’t need to have a manicure and pedicure every 2-3 weeks. I stopped doing this and did my own mani / pedi and saved  $500 annually and lots of time. #winning #stacking


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