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Order now your  autographed hard copy $19.99. Zelle to 973-842-7927 or click here paypal.me/odettaking/19.99  & join us for the $5K savings challenge click here to join watzapp group

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Author, Licensed Financial Professional, Professor, Speaker, Entrepreneur, NYU Alumni with ZERO debt, stacked $30K in just one year by swapping & NOT shopping and also saved up $100K with her savvy saving techniques. 

Odetta prides herself in having absolutely ZERO debt and is highly driven to help you 9-5ers, achieve the same, save more, increase cash flow, reduce your debt, optimize your expenses, accumulate & preserve wealth, strategize opportunities for you to create additional revenue streams and become financially independent. Odetta will help you become financially independent and “Stack Your Coins

Here’s how we can help you:

  1. Free Financial Check Up / Building a Strong Financial Foundation
  2. Ways To Increase Cash Flow
  3. Debt management
  4.  Building Wealth 
  5. Asset Accumulation
  6. Retirement Planning & Saving
  7. Estate Planning – Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives,  Trust, Wealth Preservation
  8. Free Financial Literacy Workshops everyday online
  9. College Planning & Saving
  10. Proper Protection / all types of Life Insurance  to determine if yours is right for YOU
  11. We’re expanding in all 52 USA states & provinces in Canada with very high attractive compensation. We will train you. For details click here 

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