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Who’s ready to stack their COINS?

Who’s ready to stack their COINS?



As always here are the big take aways and action items to implement in order to get the most from this video and to help you catch these coins:

  1. Open a separate online savings account that is linked to your checking account for automatic withdrawal deposit into your savings account. This saving account should not have a minimum balance requirement, no fees for transaction and ideally aim for 1% or higher interest rate
  2. Look for ways to cut cost. Spend less and save or invest more
  3. Turn your hobby into a side hustle. If you are not sure how to do this click below  for a free 5 days course


If you do have a skill and ready to turn your hobby into coins, then I invite you to join our monthly academy. Sign up here


Should you have any questions and would like to chat then book a free discovery call and get your financial check up 


stack their coins



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