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What is your “WHY” in your business

What is your “WHY” in your business


Statistics shows:

  1. 52% of us Americans live paycheck to paycheck
  2. 51% of us Americans are not even saving 5% of our income
  3. 63% of us Americans can’t even deal with a $500 emergency expense


With that being said my “why” for starting my own business is to help others not be totally dependent on only one source of income.  Including myself and several others have lost their job by no fault of theirs. These jobs aren’t loyal so if you have a job, only one source of income and skills there is no reason why you should not learn how to create other avenues to generate income with your existing skills.


This way in the event you ever lose your job, you won’t be distract, broke, lose your mind and all the unpleasant stress and nuance that comes with losing your sole and only paycheck especially when you have kids and a family to support.

If you need help with this, here is a free webinar to help you begin understanding how you can monetize your skills

your business



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