How To Become A Money Maven In 10 Steps

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Here are my top free 10 money maven moves and click link below to watch video: 


  1. Proper Protection in the form of Life Insurance  
  2. The goal is to be debt free. Zero debt by managing your Debt
  3. Create Financial goals both short and long term
  4. Set up emergency account. Ideally 6-12 months cushion (save 10-20% automatic by paying yourself first)
  5. Invest (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF)
  6. Have multiple streams of income. Never depend on one income and also create passive income
  7. Own assets (business, real estate, stocks)
  8. Shop smart (click below to get my top free money apps)
  9. Pay attention to tax & inflation
  10. Create your living will, trust, estate


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