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“2 of the tools from the Stack your Savings how to guide, that I use is Digit and Acorns. It is automatic saving that really simplifies the goal of saving without thinking. Theses apps makes investing effortless. I especially love Acorns even more cause my money is being invested into stocks and ETFs and I can see a significant growth in the money invested.”
Sharon M Thomas – CEO  http://www.moderndrugtesting.com


“Odetta King you are amazing and definitely an inspiration to me. You make saving sexy.  My head is spinning from so many ways to stack these coins”.  “If your not getting paid when you shop, you’re doing something wrong. For more tips check out Odetta King the Coins Stacker and master swapper!!” Amarimba Charles – Executive Director https://www.tallomfoundation.org


“Odetta King is by far one the most energetic, positive and talented coach/coins strategist I’ve ever personally interacted with. My experience during her 6-week boot camp was exceptional and I was able to put action towards my passion/side hustle. I was able to develop our K&R Imaging business, and being able to step out of my box. One of the strategies I have learned during my boot camp, is that , you cannot grow, if you are not challenge. I was definitely challenge. Odetta was able to “drop” some knowledge, about how to save more money. I most certainly appreciated her wisdom, as well as her willingness, to share her knowledge and skills. As a community, we surely can benefit from more positive, minority women, who are so passionate about teaching and sharing their skills to improve each other’s life, identify goals and accomplish”. Thank you, Ruth Love – CEO http://www.krimaging.com


I have had numerous professors during my college yrs & professor King has put a new twist on teaching. She is vibrant, non traditional in her teaching techniques and most importantly brings valuable real life lessons that goes on in the hotel world today that are not in the text book.” – M. Lynch


“Odetta has always been very passionate about helping people save money & I have had the opportunity to not only worked once but several times with her & she is the real deal. She clearly knows her stuff” – K. Roberts


“Thanks Odetta, it’s been just 6 months and I’m already seeing how much money I have saved by swapping and not shopping. You are brilliant!” – J. Anappelo


“I can’t believe all the money I have been spending on fashion all these years & now thanks to Odetta, I have a different mind set and have been saving so much. Thanks. I’m very grateful for her opening my eyes!” –  L. Patterson


“Odetta has paved the way for me to get an internship in a 4star chain hotel & thanks to her I am now gainfully full time employed and on my career path. Forever grateful for this opportunity.” – J. Hann


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