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Swapping with a purpose





By the time you will be reading this article, offcourse it will no longer be snowing:) However, it is a snowy day here in NYC and for some of us we are snowed in. As I sit in my office working it dawn on me that this is a good day to go through my closet and list items to swap or sell on http://iluv2swap.com


With that being said if you are in NYC, we have an amazing swap event this weekend. This will be a swap with a purpose as we will be helping 2 NYC families that have lost everything in a fire as well as a organization in Brazil  http://www.amicca.org.br that takes care of kids with cancer.


Another reason why we love swapping. You get to save money, preserve our green environment and help others in need.


If you cannot make it for the live swap event, be sure to go through your pre-love items, take great pix and post them on the site iluv2swap.com to swap or sell.


If you have questions how to swap, just hit the reply button HERE and also take advantage of our monthly FREE swap webinars as well as other trainings.



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