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What to do when they don’t support you?

What to do when they don’t support you?

It’s very simple, when they don’t support you, do it anyways because you are the only one who can control your destiny. Obviously it’s great to have support but just take a look at many of the successful people today and in the past. They all had critics and people who did not support them. Some of those people where even their own family members. However, they did not let that stop them. They kept at it and pursue their dreams and did it anyways and there is no reason why you should not either.

You never want to be in that place of having to look at yourself in the mirror a few years from now and say “I should have, could have, wished I had etc” So just start today, even if it’s baby steps. Start today and the most important thing is that now you are working on it and moving one step closer in the right direction.

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