How to Kick Off 2018 Strong – WSB / WFG Financial Literacy

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On Sat Jan 13, in Atlanta I had the opportunity of a life time to speak to over 6,000 people about our financial literacy campaign amongst other powerful women in the field at World Financial Group / World System Builders convention at the convention. 


See below feedback and the clip. My section starts at 8.15. Click video below to watch. 


To view pix of this amazing life changing event, click here


Also, as I head back to NYC for our weekly workshop, am super pumped to work and help you.  To sign up for these weekly ongoing workshops every month, click


Let this year be the year that you will be intentional to control your money and stop letting your money control you.


If you need help and would like to connect with me, book your free consultation and financial check up

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In this free video we explain concepts like the wealth formula, starting early vs. waiting longer, small money equals big money over time, and other important concepts that the rich people refuse to tell us. I believe a lot of our problems always come back to our financial problems and Yes, what you don't know now can cost you in the future.

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