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HERE’S HOW TO SAVE MORE MONEY ON GROCERY FOR SUPER BOWL. Click this special link and get your first $10 for just downloading the free app



Click this special link to download the free app Ibotta before you go grocery shopping for super bowl and stack YOUR COINS. Ibotta shopping app gives cash back for your grocery on even simple things like egg, milk, banana, bread, water, etc. Plus even better, get $10 for trying this free app Ibotta by clicking on the special link. So go ahead and unlock your savings at your local stores, bars, and even restaurants.


Shopkick is another shopping app that I use and get rewards for just walking in the store doors. Get even more kicks when you scan items and make purchases. Then you redeem your kicks for gift cards for your favorite stores. Click here to sign up for Shopkick  


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10 weeks live coaching bootcamp for 2hrs weekly starting on Wednesday Dec 6 at 8pm EST includes:

-Identify and establish your financial goals

-Get help setting up a budget that works for you & sticking to it

-Learn effective strategies for managing your debt especially if you are drowning in debt

-The power of saving / investing and how to save more money effortlessly even if you are living paycheck to paycheck

-You will learn effective Saving money habits

-You will be part of a Saving challenge this way at end of 10 weeks you will have save more money

-Partake in weekly discussion for money book of the month club

-Learn how money works so you can create and build your own solid financial foundation

-Learn ways to create cash flow with effective simple strategies to help you save $5 or more daily even if you don't want to save or think you don't have enough to save

-Powerful resourceful saving / investing tools, hacks, download and cheatsheets

-Accountability and support to keep you on track, doing the work and help you achieve your goals with wkly check ins

-Hands on application with live Q&A at every weekly session

-You will receive the weekly replays in the event you missed a session all for just $39.99 weekly and starting Wednesday Dec 6 at 8pm EST!!!

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