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I have a hard time saving money



-43% of student loan borrower are not making payment

-44% of us Americans don’t have enough cash to cover $400 emergency

-33% or 77 million don’t pay bills on time

-39% of us carry credit card debt from month to month

-Only 59% say they have savings

-50% have less than $1k saved up

-33% have zero saved for retirement

-56% have less than $10K saved for retirement


So I ask do you see a need to start saving money and fast? Who likes to save?

Saving is the foundation of the most basic form of financial independence. When life hits you, it’s your money that will cushion the blow. You see there are 2 types of people when it comes to saving money.


Type 1 person: gets income, save first, invest rest, builds wealth

Type 2 person: gets income, go into debt, spend, broke, builds no wealth

To learn more watch this short video I spoke about this topic at this event. Click here to watch 


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