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Odetta King  also known as the Swap Queen & Coin Strategist is dedicated to teaching, coaching, consulting and helping her clients understand how to maximize their income,  monetize their skills and become financially independent. She is also very passionate on preserving our green environment through her swap life movement by educating and empowering others of the benefits of swapping fashion while staying true to her brand of saving more money aka stacking coins.  She shares her collection of financial strategies and tactics to help you stack more coins specifically with your skills, ways to better increase your personal finance and swap fashion. The goal is to save more money, spend smarter & less,  invest and create generational wealth.



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Odetta King  prides herself in having absolutely ZERO debt and is highly driven to help 9-5ers, achieve the same, save more money, reduce spending, optimize expenses, strategize opportunities for you to create additional revenue streams, become financially independent while preserving our green environment through her “Swap Life movement”


Odetta will help you maximize your income, become financially independent and monetize your skills. As in her exact words, “Stack Your Coins”.  She is a speaker, teacher, coach, consultant that is very passionate about educating others how to create a rich sustainable life in personal finance, self development while preserving our wonderful green environment by swapping and NOT shopping.  She herself has stacked over $30k in just one year by swapping and NOT shopping. She has hosted several clothing swap events. Hence her slogan “Swap & Stack“! To view pix of passed events, click


Odetta highlights why she encourages people to follow her concept to save money – “By taking advantage of, members can post their gently used pre-loved or brand new clothing, shoes, accessories for men, women, kids and or even household products, get worldwide exposure, and find similar members to swap their items with. One can get a semi-used Gucci bag for the cost of shipping!”


Odetta is a life long learner who loves the academic and teaches both university and college courses here in NYC. She has been teaching for more than 6yrs, is a proud graduate of New York University and Founder of 2 online brands and both dedicated to helping you stack your COINS.


Because of her passion for teaching, drive for helping 9-5ers stack more coins coupled with her energetic and positive disposition, she facilitates, host workshops / seminars, speaking engagement and has been known for “making saving sexy”. To see past client testimonies, click here



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