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3 things I wished I had done sooner to stack more COINS…

3 things I wished I had done sooner to stack more COINS

How many of you have 9-5 jobs? If your answer is meeeeeeeee, then it’s only fitted that I do a segment on additional ways for you to get paid using your skills. I am a big advocate of everyone having more than one income for the simple fact that what if your one income were to get taken away then what??????

During the next 5 days I will be doing a 5 part series. Tonight is part 1. Check out my 5 steps series: 3 things I wished I had done sooner.

  1. Start my business sooner
  2. Start promoting my business, skills, products or services on social media sooner
  3. Hired a mentor or coach

Be sure to come back & join us tomorrow night on for part 2. Come prepare with your questions or just to listen and learn.

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