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  1. Go on a no spending diet. Plain and simple don’t shop unless it is something that you really actually need
  2. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the glitz and glamour. Stay focus on your money goals
  3. You are not allocating your funds correctly. You need to have financial buckets set up to allocate savings, investing and bills account 

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I want to be Debt FREE


First let me say the simple fact is that there’s NO way to become wealthy unless you first get rid of your debt so here's how I can help you become debt FREE like me.

10 weeks live coaching bootcamp for 2hrs weekly starting on Tuesday Jan 2 at 8pm EST includes:

-Identify and establish your financial goals

-Understanding best uses of credit and how to use other people money for your own benefit wisely

-Learn how to manage your credit card, debt and other loans without filing bankruptcy, using third parties or debt consolidator

-Set up your emergency fund while paying off debt

-Partake in weekly discussion money book of the month club

-Learn how money works so you can stay out of debt & create your own solid financial foundation

-Learn effective strategies to crush debt and increase your cash flow

-Powerful resourceful debt management, saving / investing tools, hacks, download and cheatsheets

-Accountability and support to keep you on track and help you achieve your goals with wkly check ins

-Hands on application with live Q&A at every weekly session

-You will receive the weekly replays in the event you missed a session all for just $19.99 weekly and starting Tuesday January 2 at 8pm EST!!!

Price will increase on Sunday Dec 24 so book now while it's only $19.99 per week & stack your coins!

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