3 lies rich people never believe about COINS & so should YOU

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3 lies rich people never believe about COINS & so should YOU



  1. “I really need it” – You must learn to separate your need from want. Ask yourself do you really need it?
  2. “Credit is free money” – No credit is not free money because you are paying interest on the money if you don’t pay it back by a certain time.
  3. “I have to buy it because it’s on sale” – No you don’t have to buy it because it’s on sale. When making a purchase that’s on sale ask yourself the question, how much will it truly save you, do you really need this sale item and how will it make money for you?
  4. Bonus – “YOLO – you only live once” – This kind of mindset will make you run into debt. Humans are living longer and retirement is very much real. 



Here is a great book I highly recommend to read “The Science Of Getting Rich”

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3 lies

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