About Odetta


Licensed Life Insurance Professional, Financial Literacy Educator, Professor, Speaker, Entrepreneur, NYU Alumni with ZERO debt, stacked $30k in just one year by swapping & not shopping will help you to Swap & Stack your COINS!!!


Odetta prides herself in having absolutely ZERO debt and is highly driven to help you 9-5ers, achieve the same, save more, increase cash flow, reduce your debt, optimize your expenses, accumulate & preserve wealth, strategize opportunities for you to create additional revenue streams and become financially independent while preserving our green environment through her “Swap Life movement”. Odetta will help you become financially independent and “Stack Your Coins


She is also the Creator and Founder of – I Luv 2 Swap Inc. www.iluv2swap.com, a online fashion swapping worldwide 2-way ecommerce platform that allows you to Swap or Trade your no longer wanted pre-love fashion items for men, women, kids as well as home décor goods while “stacking their coins” and reducing our environmental impact.


Here’s how I can help you:


  1. Free Financial Check Up / Building a Strong Financial Foundation
  2. How To Increase Cash Flow
  3. Debt management
  4.  Building Wealth 
  5. Asset Accumulation
  6. Retirement Planning & Saving
  7. Estate Planning – Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives,  Wealth Preservation
  8. Free Financial Literacy Workshops in person and online
  9. College Planning & Saving
  10. Proper Protection / all types of Life Insurance  to determine if yours is right for YOU


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3 most important questions you need to have the answer for…..

The importance of saving and why you need to start saving and more ASAP. For help call 973-842-7927


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5 reasons why you DON’T need life insurance


Here are 3 questions you need to have the answer to with regards to your retirement


What you don’t know will cost you and it won’t be cheap.


The importance of financial management & stacking your coins.


World Financial Group / World System Builders Financial Literacy Campaign speech to over 6,000 convention attendees. To connect with me click odettaking.com/stackyourcoins


What are the 3 ways your money gets TAXED 


Do you know the 10/20 rule? Why it’s important to learn this financial concept so you can use it to build up your financial wealth.